Pushing my comfort zone

Pushing my comfort zone

I was hanging out with some pretty great people about a week ago at a mastermind. One of the things that I discovered while I was there was that I was not challenging myself regularly. As a perpetual student of personal development, I firmly believe that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

***Side note: if you have not yet read “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, get on it.. it’s certainly one of my top 3 books and it’s especially good if you’re new to the realm of personal development… you can find it here***

Sure, I was reading plenty of books, listening to plenty of audibles, and even starting a new job but those things were normal and comfortable. The person in charge of the group challenged us to do a Facebook Live video. This was quite a task. If you haven’t ever done one before I would definitely encourage you to give it a try. I made it out to be much more of a big deal in my head than it actually was… and it definitely pushed me. Since that official challenge by the event organizer, I decided to do another Facebook Live event to push myself even further and I intend to keep doing them more regularly.

Here is that second Facebook Live as it contains quite an update for me:

Starting this blog is an extension of that desire to push myself, coupled with the fact that Utah is pretty freaking cool… much cooler than I knew before I moved here. I remember when Austin matched here for residency and all we really knew about was that there was some pretty awesome skiing… but nothing about the national parks and outdoor adventures that were to come. Hiking wasn’t something I was particularly interested in before moving here… coming from Eastern North Carolina, the “hiking” you might find there would do much better to be called “walking” instead.

While we are on the topic of hiking, it is worth mentioning that as part of the need to push myself, I went on my first solo hike today (+Dex). I love hiking. However, I have always gone with someone else, usually Austin or my friend Liz, but today I thought it was worth changing that. Austin was on call and rounding at the VA, and I knew there as a high likelihood he would want to watch football in the afternoon, so if I was going to go at all it would be alone. This wasn’t a super challenging hike, but still exciting to do by myself. Now before my mom reads this, I did tell Austin exactly where I was going. And let’s face it, Dex has to count a little… I talk to him like he does 🙂

View of the Salt Lake Valley from the Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon.
View deeper into the canyon from the Pipeline Trail.

So hopefully over the course of this blog, I’ll share cool pictures from our travels and from our staycations and you will get to know us a little better at the same time.

Currently reading: “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek

Currently listening to: “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

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