A weekend of relaxing…

A weekend of relaxing…

It’s not every weekend that Austin is available. He wasn’t on call or rounding in the morning or coming off of a 24 hour shift. The best part – it also happened to be our anniversary weekend (dating not wedding). We like to celebrate 🙂

We spent Friday night at Top Golf which was our first time ever there. I am terrible at golf and haven’t hit balls since I was like 7. BUT Top Golf was FUN…and I got better as time went along! We will definitely be going back.


Saturday was amazing. We went up to Little Cottonwood Canyon to Cecret Lake. We actually tried to do this hike about a month ago and ironically it was inaccessible due to snow that has [THANKFULLY] melted. The only downside of the Cottonwood canyons is that Dex can’t come hiking with us.




These pictures weren’t filtered or anything, the water is just that beautiful color. It was our first high altitude hike in a few months and it started just about 9,000 ft.

Since we weren’t able to take Dex on the hike, we took him to the dog park after we got home and he was his usual goofball self.



After playing with Dex, we watched the sunset up in the Avenues.



We FINALLY got to enjoy a Carolina Panthers win on Sunday followed by a moderately intense hike up in Mill Creek Canyon on the Terraces trail. Not a ton of amazing pictures from this hike as the canyons are past the point of beautiful fall colors and awaiting a coat of snow. Utah is brown during this stage… kinda gross. I did manage to capture a picture looking out of Mill Creek Canyon towards the Salt Lake Valley.



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