About Us

About Us

Just wanted to give a little background about us and our story…

Austin was born and raised just outside of Raleigh, NC. I was born in South Carolina and we moved around 5 times before we settled in Greensboro, NC when I was 7 years old. We both went to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for undergrad where we met in Organic Chemistry through a mutual friend.

This picture was taken at my 20th birthday party. Austin and I were just friends.

We started dating one year later right as I began pharmacy school… How it happened was pretty interesting though… I was driving down the [busy] road near my apartment when I see a car come speeding down the left lane around a few cars that I just passed. I tried to get out of the left lane but that car quickly moved to the right lane and pulled up beside me. I turned to see Austin waving at me from that car. Then we started texting and spending time in the library together (the real one, not the bar)… we went to parties together and then finally a football game. When we left the game, we went on our first dinner date. We actually didn’t make it “Facebook official” until about two months after.

This picture was taken the day of our first official date.

After graduating, Austin started medical school. I finished pharmacy school and completed pharmacy residency. Then I left Chapel Hill for Greenville, NC to take a job at Vidant Medical Center. We got a dog, Dex. For anyone in the medical field, his name is short for Dexamethasone.

How was he so little? *tears*

Austin matched at the University of Utah for General Surgery residency.

Match Day 2015. We found out in March but didn’t move until a little later in the summer.

We got married on 5/24/15 and then he moved out to Utah in June 2015 and I came in September 2015.

One of my favorite pictures from the best day ever. 5/24/15

Here’s our wedding highlight video if you want to check it out:


We have enjoyed our time in Utah so far and we want another way to share with our friends and family some of the adventures that we are experiencing here and across the country/globe.

Flaming Gorge, Utah – August 2016

Hopefully you’re all caught up now on our story if you weren’t familiar already 🙂